·         308.6 Flaming food and beverage preparation. The prepara­tion of flaming foods or beverages in places of assembly and drinking or dining establishments shall be in accordance with Sections 308.6.1 through 308.6.5.


308.6.1 Dispensing. Flammable or combustible liquids used in the preparation of flaming foods or beverages shall be dispensed from one of the following:

1.        A 1-ounce (29.6 ml) container; or

2.        A container not exceeding 1-quart (946.5 ml) capac­ity with a controlled pouring device that will limit the flow to a 1-ounce (29.6 ml) serving.


308.6.2 Containers not in use. Containers shall be secured to prevent spillage when not in use.


308.6.3 Serving of flaming food. The serving of flaming foods or beverages shall be done in a safe manner and shall not create high flames. The pouring, ladling or spooning of liquids is restricted to a maximum height of 8 inches (203 mm) above the receiving receptacle.


308.6.4 Location. Flaming foods or beverages shall be pre-pared only in the immediate vicinity of the table being serviced. They shall not be transported or carried while burning.


308.6.5 Fire protection. The person preparing the flaming foods or beverages shall have a wet cloth towel immediately available for use in smothering the flames in the event of an emergency.


3308.2.2 Proximate audience displays. Where the separa­tion distances required by Section 3308.4 and NFPA 1123 are unavailable or cannot be secured, only proximate audi­ence displays conducted in accordance with NFPA 1126 shall be allowed. Applications for proximate audience displays shall include plans indicating the required clearances for spectators and combustibles, crowd control measures, smoke control measures, and requirements for standby personnel and equipment when provision of such personnel or equipment is required by the fire code official.


3308.2.2.1 The use of what are technically known as fireworks showers, or of any composition containing potassium and sulfur, in theaters or public halls, shall be subject to prior approval by the fire official and the following conditions shall apply:

1.  No fire official shall approve of any such proximate audience displays inside any building unless the building was designed and constructed to accommodate such activity in accordance with the Uniform Construction Code and this code.

2. Fireworks shall be discharged and operated in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and specifications.

3. The owner / operator shall provide a full demonstration to the fire official prior to final operation.

4.  Fireworks shall be discharged so as not to endanger the public by escape of any hot particles from the stage area.

5.  A fire watch, with proper extinguishing equipment as approved by the fire official shall be maintained during the operation at both sides of the stage area.